Improving communication and
coordination in health and social care

Health and social care are one of the most important and cost consuming services in our society. Yet, due to fragmented
systems and old work habits, collaboration and communication between professionals is often inefficient, time and
cost consuming, or not done at all and the patients are the victim of this. There must be a better way…

What is Congredi?

Congredi is a healthcare company that has a mission to improve communication, coordination and collaboration in integrated health and social care. We make it possible for care professionals, patients and relatives to communicate and collaborate with each other and keep the patient in the center of the care.

We are highly specialized in making professional, user friendly software and implementing this in a complex work environment.

Effects of Congredi

Coordinated Care

Coordinating care can be a real time consuming and sometimes impossible task. With the use of Congredi this belongs to the past. In Congredi common goals are shared and tasks are distributed among professionals. Updates are done in real time which makes it possible react quickly and coordinate the care from your fingertips.

Across sectors

Because of fragmented and complex IT systems it is often very time consuming, difficult or even impossible to work and communicate together across sectors and company walls. With Congredi we addressed this issue by creating an easy, safe and user friendly communication channel without the boundaries of other systems.

Person centered care

Care should be about helping a person with his problems and supporting patients to be able to keep doing the things they want to do. In Congredi the patient’s values and wishes have a central place in the system. This enables care professionals to focus their care on the person behind the symptoms.

Always up to date

With the Congredi platform, we make it extremely easy for care professionals, patients and relatives to keep each other up to date. This creates engagement, supports decision making and makes it possible for care professionals to give the right care at the right time.

Easy communication

Communication should be quick, easy and above all safe. We developed a secure healthcare messenger that works just like the messengers that we use in our daily lives. Everyone can communicate with each other and get those necessary answers quick and easy.

Getting to know each other

One of the fundamentals of collaboration begins with getting to know each other. With our build-in networking tool we make it easy for professionals to find and connect with each other.

Patients and relatives

To improve the involvement of patients and relatives in their care, we specially designed a solution that makes it possible to follow the progress, communicate with professionals and to create transparency in the care of a patient.

Change the way we work

We cannot solve problems with the same way of thinking as we did before. Therefore we developed an evidence based implementation strategy to help breaking routines and to adopt new work methods.

The Congredi software platform

Native apps for all platforms

To give the best experience to our end users, we built Congredi specially for every platform. This means native apps for iPhones, Android phones and for the desktop experience we build a web solution. Software updates are done automatically, so users won’t be interfered in their work progress and will always get the best, newest and safest experience.

Usability and user experience

All our software is developed with an extensive focus on usability and user experience. Working with Congredi is easy and we kept in mind that everybody, young and old, should be able to work with our software. Congredi is recognizable with many software solutions that we use in our daily lives and is therefore easy to integrate in any work environment.

Real time collaboration

One of the strengths of the Congredi platform is, that it makes it extremely easy to keep everyone updated. This creates engagement of all the participants, supports decision making, knowledge sharing, and makes it possible to give the right care at the right time

Language independent

Congredi is language independent, which means that the user gets Congredi in their own language or choose another supported language if preferred.

Integration with other software

The Congredi platform supports extensive connecting possibilities with other software vendors through an API. We support a safe exchange of information with selected and trusted partners.


Security is serious, therefore we save all data encrypted, so only the user with the right access rights can get access to the information. We are also ISO27001 certified (standard for patient information security).


“The correct implementation is the key to a successful result”

We designed an evidence based implementation strategy to overcome barriers and to create an environment where people are open for change. We support our partners with implementing and onboarding our product, we can facilitate implementation material, and help guiding the change process to a successful result.

Join our mission

Our mission to improve collaboration in health and social care and to make care more person centered reaches across our own borders. Therefore we are looking for partnerships that can support us in this mission.

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