Communication and coordination of care is fast and simple with Congredi.
Improved care, less administration

Congredi coordinates the communication concerning your patient.

Multidisciplinary cooperation is essential for total care of frail individuals. Spend more of your time on care and less on the administrative aspects of care. Coordinate with all individuals who are involved in providing care

Congredi: Continuous patient focus

Congredi provides to you all the patient information you need on one tablet page. A holistic view of patient care is simple and direct. The caregivers create a multidisciplinary care plan, delegate tasks and receive immediate feedback without any extra administration or complicated protocols. Congredi is a supplement for existing Health Information Technology but can also function as a stand-alone solution. Congredi means your patient is in sight at all times for all caregivers.

Always informed!


Congredi provides for a simple three-step multidisciplinary care plan



Patient centeredness

Congredi is not about a Paul who has diabetes, but is about Paul who likes to play cards with his friends on Monday. Mary (his wife) wants to continue to do her own shopping and wants to encourage the grandkids on the soccer field. Congredi provides the teamwork that allows both indivuals to meet their needs without difficulty.

Improved quality for patients, more joy in work for Health care professionals

Congredi: proven to be successful on various patient disabilities in the Netherlands In 2014 Congredi won the Dutch primary healthcare transformation award. Congredi means that patients experience improved quality of care and become more engaged in their care. Congredi means that interprofessional collaboration promotes provider satisfaction.

Willem Vos, general practitioner, GP educator and co-inventor on Congredi:

“Congredi operates in the new communication world without any problems. This program is the new standard for integrated care. The broad-based domains used as communication tools enhances the value of Congredi. The ease of use for this APP is astounding and serves to enhance the quality of care to all people who have multiple health problems. The person is managed first and best with Congredi.

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Congredi is built upon a multidisciplinary care plan. The entire care team collaborates on developing a coordinated plan.


SFMPC stands for the following domains of care:


social contacts, living conditions, contact with children and family, care network


self-reliance, washing, dressing, eating, drinking, urination, defecation, mounting stairs, walking, preparing meals, cleaning, do some shopping, transportation, entertainment, hobbies, taking medication, manage finances


Consciousness, attention, concentration, orientation, memory, thinking, mood, behavior, disease awareness, insight, motivation, purpose, coping, adaptation, needs, norms, values


cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrinological, renal function, joints, nutritional status, incontinence, sleep


seeing, reading, writing, speaking, understanding, hearing, feeling

Available for all platforms

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC